Future University: Communities and Cross-Disiplinary Learning

Thinking about where universities are heading in relation to the reading 'Online learning communities: Common ground and critical differences in designing technical environments.' by Riel and Polin (2004), it seems that there may be a need to support wider communities than just the internal ones of staff and students. The focus on graduate attributes, student outcomes, … Continue reading Future University: Communities and Cross-Disiplinary Learning


‘Citizen Education’: Education delivered by anyone!

In this entry I will be speaking about 'Citizen Education' as an adaption of 'Citizen Journalism'.  In the first minute of this TED talk, Paul Lewis, the head of multimedia special projects at The Guardian explains the concept of citizen journalism: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9APO9_yNbcg So if we adapt this concept to education, we can say that Citizen Education is … Continue reading ‘Citizen Education’: Education delivered by anyone!