Supporting Student-Directed Online Acitivies

One of the things I noticed when collaborating on the skills task was that I was a lot more hesitant to offer a solution than I might usually be in a situation where there were synchronous interactions. I always find it useful to play off the ideas and suggestions of others and to build a … Continue reading Supporting Student-Directed Online Acitivies


My Learning Network

In exploring my own learning network, it was interesting to see how it flows and changes depending on my current interests and focus. Having said that, there were definite connections within my network that are strong enough to make it very difficult to pull away from even if I wanted to. Those connections were not … Continue reading My Learning Network

Digital Storytelling: Motivation and Importance

Those who tell the stories rule society. - Plato This post is a transcript of a Prezi podcast available at: TRANSCRIPT: It was a dark and stormy night as I sat in front of my computer researching this thing called digital storytelling. The dog was huddled at my feet as a crack of thunder … Continue reading Digital Storytelling: Motivation and Importance

Augmented Reality Creating a True Blended Learning Classroom

Imagine if digital content could somehow be inter-woven into the physical environment to provide a new way of exploring and understanding the world around us. I'm here to tell you that it can. It's called augmented reality (AR). Augmented reality utilises digital technologies that emulate our senses in order to enhance our interactions and understanding … Continue reading Augmented Reality Creating a True Blended Learning Classroom

‘Citizen Education’: Education delivered by anyone!

In this entry I will be speaking about 'Citizen Education' as an adaption of 'Citizen Journalism'.  In the first minute of this TED talk, Paul Lewis, the head of multimedia special projects at The Guardian explains the concept of citizen journalism: So if we adapt this concept to education, we can say that Citizen Education is … Continue reading ‘Citizen Education’: Education delivered by anyone!