Do I Have a PKM Routine? Wow, I do!

In reading the blog post by Nikki Anderson, I started to reflect on how I make sense of the world. It’s funny that you never really think about these things until you do. Thinking about this actually helped me to come up with a more concrete routine rather than something I generally follow without thought (subconsciously, as Nikki stated).

In the past, I had understood myself to be a visual/spatial learner but when I began thinking about this blog, I tried a few online quizzes such as this to see what came out.

What I discovered was that there were a lot of tests out there and often they gave a different result. However, when it came down to it, I simply disregarded the ones that didn’t come out as visual/spatial. Why? Because I know what kind of learner I am. I already know how I best understand information, organise it and develop my opinions.

So here is me doing just that! This is my SEEK SENSE SHARE routine as I see it.


In this diagram, I tried to focus on ‘Mastery’ (the tasks) rather than ‘Management’ (the tools) which is the angle that Harold Jarche (2011) takes, stating that it (mastery) is ‘the journey from apprentice to disciplined sense-maker and knowledge catalyst.’ A range of tools could be used for these activities once the tasks themselves are mastered… the tasks of seeking, sensing and sharing. And yes it looks like I have some work to do in the sharing department. 😉 This activity has shown me that I spend a fair amount of my time in the sensing area… figuring it all out by doing.

Much of the research appears to use the term ‘management’ and focuses a lot on knowledge management ‘systems’ or technologies supporting the process of managing knowledge. For example, this article focuses on the role of Web 2.0 tools, While these tools and systems are useful, I found it much more rewarding to focus on the process of how to master my own learning rather than the tools supporting that. This is similar to our earlier discussions around our learning network (focusing on the people involved rather than the technologies).

In any case, the above diagram helps in that journey towards mastery and I am sure will assist in the coming weeks when learning how to write children’s books. 🙂


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